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We are a company with a mission: we want to bring best interactive solutions using most advanced technology, with a strong focus on Virtual and Augmented reality.

We specialize in Unity3D and use Unity for client side engineering to ensure best quality and delivery on time.

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Unity has evolved over the years and from being just a game engine it now can be used to provide more sophisticated experiences including augmented and virtual reality services. Sure, it still is a great tool for developing games, but it can also be used in other ways, for instance, in extending the world around us with AR & VR technology.

Sebastian Sztangierskico-founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver top quality and most technologically advanced products to help our clients to achieve them their desired level for their products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use most advanced tools and technology that is available on the market. The future is now and so too is the technology we use and provide.


Our portfolio

Our portfolio includes a number of applications made with passion in Unity. Depending on client's request some of them are games, others are standalone applications. We also included some of the games made by Solid9 and more.

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Our Services

Stuff we love to do

We are a team of people with a passion for technology and new trends. We put our heart and soul into projects we undertake.

Virtual Reality Services

We build interactive virtual reality applications for devices like samsung gear, oculus rift vr, google cardboard, microsoft hololens.

Unity3D services

We use Unity3D engine not only as a tool for game development, but also for producing interactive applications.

Android Applications

We offer a wide range of services for native Android applications. We have an experienced team which specializes in developing any kind of applications that run on the Android platform.

Augmented Reality Services

Augmented reality is already affordable and widely used. At Solid9 we offer a full suite of Augmented Reality services, products and solutions using cutting edge technology.

Game Development Oursourcing

Our team specializes in producing video games. We pay attention to every little detail and we make sure the product is of the highest quality.


We offer porting games to XBOX, Playstation4, Android and iOS. If there is no technological barrier we also offer porting games to WebGL.


Brands we've worked with

A list of some companies and brands that we have had the pleasure of working with.


What our clients say

Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be handled. You can find below some reviews about our work.


Solid9 made an impressive animation sequence for our Fans2Play application. They will indeed be our no. 1 choice for future development of similar applications.

Harald Aksnes Lervik – Norgames AS

When it comes to building interactive applications, Solid9 proved they step up to the mark.