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The Story

In the fabled world where folks are spoiled by magic they have little understanding of, where arcane powers are exploited ignorantly with no reservations, there is one brave Baroness who decides to oppose it all. Exorder is an unusual title, built on a rogue-like foundation, combining complexity of turn-based tactics game and satisfying hack’n’slash feel to it’s combat elements. Building up band of unique individuals, choosing team composition that suits your play-style best and exploring larger then life world of Exorder where no one takes things too seriously awaits!

The Gameplay

Like most tactical games Exorder emphasizes on battles between player and AI. However, the RPG element plays an important role, so the history that player undergoes is designed to leave an unforgettable impression. Another important aspect to mention is the procedurally generated world. Each time a player starts a new game he is put in a new position and challenges to face.


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