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The Client

NorGames AS, a Norwegian company wanted to add a simple but fun game which would become a part of a much larger application. The purpose of this app is to entertain football players during sports events breaks or while using SportXpert app. The client was looking for a company that would unity game development outsourcing services and chose Solid9 to do the job.

The Problem

The problem the client had was to develop an interactive application that runs both on Android and iOS platforms. Due to lack of time we decided to create the game in Unity engine and to incorporate it to existing application called SportXpert. The problem we were to face was to actually make this game a part of native iOS and Android application.

Unity Game Development Outsourcing

Fans2Play is fully developed in Unity 3D and it runs on Android, iOS and WebGL. During the development, we programmed a probability matrix that can be set from backend to adjust the level of difficulty. Most noteworthy, the game uses backend to store and retrieve data for drawing a prize.


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