Mocap Firefly Viewer

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Mocap firefly viewer

The Client

The client’s company created a motion capture system called ‘Firefly’ back in 2016. The system consists of a suit for recording animations and a server that makes sophisticated calculations. Various game engines including Unity or Unreal use such animations for moving humanoid characters.  Due to poor presentation the client was looking for a reliable Unity solution to make the system more user-friendly.

The Problem

The client had a problem with the presentation of the system and needed a way to impress and attract potential customers. Since creating a viewer application was out of client’s scope, they approached Solid9 who took the challenge and provided Unity solution. We offered to create a program that connects to the motion capture’s server and uses animation data to move humanoid characters. Furthermore, the client requested additionally to support virtual reality.

Unity Solution

We provided outsourcing services for this project and developed a multi-platform viewer program. Because we designed it carefully it is possible to use the viewer on mobile, PC and with virtual reality gear (Samsung Gear and HTC Vive). The program’s main role is to receive and process data from motion capture suit and use it to move 3D humanoid objects in real time. The same data used in the viewer could later work in Unity and other game engines for moving humanoid characters. As a result, the viewer turned out great and did the job!


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