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Quiz Application

The Client

Once we provided a Syncano Unity Library the client requested a demo application that shows its capabilities. Because the library without any example is not user-friendly we decided to develop a simple quiz application which uses Syncano as a backed. The game is open-source and everybody can see the source code behind both the game, and the server side.

The Problem

Almost all games that require backend services are struggling with finding an appropriate solution. Syncano gives an answer to all these problems, but at that time there was no bridge between the backend and Unity. The quiz application shows how an application with Syncano as a backend can be easily used and accelerate game development.

Unty Game Development

The application is a ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ style game available on browsers. It offers not only the gameplay, but also it has features like adding and moderating questions through the website. All is done in Unity for WebGL and uses an external library for Syncano backend. Solid9 provides Unity game development for both, small and large projects, so feel free to contact us!

The game is available here. All you need to have is a web browser.

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