Syncano Unity Library


Syncano Unity Library

The Client

Syncano provides backend as a service solution. Its purpose is to easily exchange data regardless of the device used. The service works on Android, iOS, PC, Javascript and many more. Most noteworthy, Syncano is easy to install and use by anybody that has never approached this kind of utility. The client needed a company that can provide Unity outsourcing services and create a Unity Library.

The Problem

The client was looking for a company that can do Unity outsourcing and prepare a C# library. The library should act as a bridge between Unity application and Syncano backend in order to transfer data between various devices. It should follow all Unity principles, be elastic and do not block application when fetching data. Moreover, it should follow specific design and be similar to other libraries, for instance to Android library.

The Solution

The library was written in C# and is ready to use on all platforms including WebGL. It is open-source and source code for it is available on GitHub here, along with unit tests which are here. Due to the popularity of the project, we produced a series of articles about using Unity with Syncano. Moreover, anybody can test it and play a game that runs on WebGL using Syncano as a backend here! You can read more about mechanics we used to produce this library here and here.



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